📦Creator Quests

🖖 Welcome Creator.

You have been invited to participate in Quira Quests as a Creator ⚔️ What is a Creator, you ask?

Creators are the ones who show us the way by coding up bold and fresh new ideas in the world of open-source.

Creators are the courageous few who dare to build, ship, and share.

Creators are the future of the open-source software economy.

We salute you and welcome you to our guild 🫡

What are Creator Quests?

A Creator Quest is a special type of coding challenge that rewards software developers for their creativity and ideas.

Learn more about Creator Quests here.

How It Works

Workflow for Creators:

  1. At 12:00pm UTC (midday) on the Quest’s Start Date we’ll start accepting submissions for the active Quest.

  2. You will have the duration of the Quest (typically two weeks) to create a new repo that addresses the challenge of the Quest and submit it to Quira to start gathering community votes. ✨

    • You are encouraged to also vote on other people’s repos and to share your repository to friends and family to gain votes, but please remember to always be respectful of the community and other people's time. ❤️

  3. Over the course of the challenge we’ll be checking on the relevant Discord channel to make sure you’re making progress 💪 Don’t hesitate to ask questions to us or to other members of the community!

  4. At 11:59 UTC (midday) on the Quest’s End Date we’ll close submissions and start computing the winners (this process typically takes 24-36hrs). We rank each repo according to the DevRank of its supporters (voters) and assign a 'Kudos' score to each submission to determine final standings.

  5. Quest Winners will be announced on Discord and via email as well as being listed on the respective prior Quest page on the website.

What are the rules of Creator Quests?

Only one submission per creator is allowed for each quest. You can edit or re-submit a different repo during an active quest.

  1. The content you submit to a Creator Quest must be original code.

  2. You are allowed to generate code with LLMs and to borrow snippets from StackOverflow, but the repo’s idea must be yours and yours alone. If we detect plagiarism from other codebase, we will delete the repo from Quira and remove you from Quests.

  3. The repo submitted must be created on or after the Start Date. We will check the created_at field of the repo using GitHub’s API to validate this.

  4. Your project must have a README and must clearly explain what the project does and how someone can run it or install it.

  5. The work you submit must be your own. Team submissions are not allowed (yet).

  6. Whilst not compulsory, we strongly encourage you to also record a short Loom or Youtube of your finished project, demo'ing it and explaining how it works and share a link in your Quira repo description. Alternatively, you can serve a working demo from a url and share that instead.

  7. When gathering votes, we will check for any fake (or very recently created) GitHub accounts voting on submissions and these will count for 0 Kudos at final scoring.

    • Whilst we appreciate the inventive ways in which community members may try to garner votes, we want to stress that gaming the system is not in the spirit of Creator Quests and any user found abusing this will receive a deduction in final Kudos points (up to 25% of their total score). Repeat offenders may be blocked from further participation in Quests.

What is Kudos?

Kudos is Quira's version of what some other sites refer to as 'karma'. It is a weighted score that reflects the amount of love the community share for Creators' repositories. The higher the DevRank of voters on a repository, the higher its final Kudos score will be at the end of a Creator Quest.

Kudos is calculated as a multiplier of 0 -> 5 applied to a single vote from a supporter (i.e. the higher the DevRank of the supporter the higher the number of points their vote will count for). Bots and fake accounts will always count for 0 Kudos.

What this means is that simply gaining an absolute number of votes will not guarantee a win - the reputation of individual voters matters. A user with 50 votes could rank higher than a user with 200, based purely on the experience of users voting.

Winning Creator Quest Rewards

Have you been successful in achieving a top result on a Creator Quest?

🎉 Congratulations! For instructions on how to claim your reward, go to this page!

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