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You have been invited to participate in a Quira Quest as a Solver ⚔️ What is a Solver, you ask?

Solvers are the distributed engine of talent powering an ecosystem of open source organisations.

Solvers are the force that helps keep open-source tech debt under control by solving issues that others dare not even look at.

Solvers are the future of the open-source software economy.

We salute you and welcome you to our guild 🫡

What are Solver Quests?

A Solver Quest is a special type of coding challenge that rewards software developers for resolving open Issues in OSS organisations' GitHub repositories.

Learn more about Solver Quests here.

How it Works

There are two main sub-types of Solver Quest - Public and Private.

Public Quests are inherently visible on GitHub, allowing anyone who encounters these on GitHub to embark and attempt to solve the Issue. Public Quests also support a degree of competition, with multiple developers able to attempt to work on solutions concurrently. This is similar to other types of competitive coding bounty you may have encountered on GitHub before.

Working on a Public Solver Quest requires you to interact with @quest-bot on GitHub.

Quest-bot is a helpful sidekick that keeps you up to date on Public Quest progress and is happy to take instructions to facilitate your Quest experience! Outlined on the following pages are the main workflows for Solvers, but if you'd like to learn more about @quest-botgo here.

Private Quests on the other hand, are not immediately obvious on GitHub or Quira, with developers invited and assigned one at a time to attempt to solve the Issue, given a period of exclusivity to work on their solution. This is closer to an assigned task for a specialist contractor. Private Quests typically include a time-limit for you to get started on your solution, failing which the Issue may be reassigned to someone else.

Once you have unlocked access to Solver Quests, you can find all available Quests that you have been invited to take part in listed under your Solver dashboard on Quira. Note, you may also have been invited explicitly to take part in the Quest over email, in which case, simply follow the invite link you received to get started!

You can browse the available list of Quests from your dashboard by clicking on each Issue card to view details about the respective Quest. When you feel you are ready to attempt the Quest, simply click the 'Embark' button and follow on-screen instructions to get directed to GitHub to get started.

From here, working on Solver Quests is easy. Work on a PR that solves the Quest Issue and submit it as normal on GitHub, taking account of any feedback from maintainers. If your PR gets accepted and merged, you will be rewarded.

Read on for complete instructions on taking part in Public and Private Quests and how to claim your reward.

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