What are Quests?

Quests is a new product in Quira that allows you to be rewarded by contributing to open source. In Quira, we offer different types of Quests for Creators and Solvers. Find out more here.

How do I participate in a Quest?

To participate, go to the Quests tab on the main nav and browse for available Quests. For Creator Quests: Follow the instructions in "About this quest" section. Each quest will have different challenges with a specific theme, use your creativity and upload a repo to gain votes and win! For Solver Quests: These will initially be accessible by invitation only. Once you've been invited, find an Issue you'd like to attempt to solve, click through to GitHub, and work on a PR that solves the Issue.

How do get paid for a Quest?

You can see your winning Quest balance on your user profile page or at Quests -> Solvers (whitelisted users only). To claim your rewards follow instructions in the app.

[Solver Quests] What if I'm not getting a response from the @quest-bot?

If the bot does not respond to your commands, first ensure the Quest you are working on is public (@quest-bot does not respond on private Quests). Otherwise, there may have been a timeout. Please wait a few moments and try again. If the problem persists send us a message to help@quira.sh

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