How can I earn DevRank?

TLDR The strategy to maximise your DevRank is, πŸ’œ Create a repo on GitHub that the community loves, ⭐️ Contribute to a GitHub repo with high growth potential.

At a high-level, you earn DevRank whenever:


Users star or import repos you've contributed to.


Your PRs get merged into other users’ projects

But it's not so simple... The size of the reward for each such contribution depends on the number of commits you’ve authored in a repo, the total number of commits in the repo, and the importance of the repo in the open source network.

Generally speaking, contributing to a repo with many stars and few commits will result in a significant increase to your DevRank score. And contributing to a repo with no stars will not improve your DevRank at all. We also discount contributions over time, so contributions a year ago will score lower than similar contributions made today. This means that DevRank better reflects your current open source skills and interests, but also means that DevRank can decrease as well as increase. Either way, DevRank is typically a slow moving score.

If you'd like to understand how DevRank is computed, go to the next page πŸ‘‰

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