🔐Private Solver Quests

To take part in a Private Quest you first need to have been invited explicitly. Click the invite link you received and then follow these instructions:

1️⃣ Getting started

From your invite link you will be taken to a specific Quest Issue page, listing details about the Issue and associated Quest. Read about the Quest and decide whether you want to attempt to solve it.

On Private Quests you may see a deadline timer indicating the remaining time you have to Embark on the Quest. If you fail to embark by the deadline, the Issue will automatically be assigned to another Solver.

Note, if you have unlocked access and been matched to specific Solver Quests that we think would suit your skillset, you will see also see the Quest listed alongside all other active Quest Issues that you can take part in on the Quests -> Solvers tab on Quira. Private Quests are marked with a corresponding blue private label.

2️⃣ Embarking on a Quest

When you are ready to get started click the Embark button and follow on-screen instructions. From here you will be linked through to GitHub to get started on the Issue.

3️⃣ Looting a Quest with a PR

Work on your Pull-Request as normal. When you are ready to submit it, signal to maintainers that you are ready to claim your reward for looting the Quest by following the below instructions:

To loot a Quest via the Quira website

After you raise your PR on GitHub, copy the URL to the PR page, then head back over to Quira and click through from your Solver dashboard to the relevant Quest you want to loot for a reward.

Click the Loot this Quest with a PR button and follow on-screen instructions (pasting in your URL from GitHub). This will automatically let maintainers know you are seeking a reward.

4️⃣ Getting rewarded

The maintainers will issue a reward if:

  1. Your PR is successfully merged,

  2. The PR actually solves the Issue.

When a reward has been awarded you will see a banner in your solver dashboard at Quests -> Solvers that includes the total value of any unclaimed rewards on your account.

For instructions on how to claim your rewards, go to the next page!

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