3️⃣Embed Quira Widgets to GitHub README

The Widgets (quira.sh/stats) section helps you generate Quira Widgets. These are markdown-embeddable visualisations of your developer stats. They help you showcase your accomplishments and expertise in open-source directly from your GitHub README!

Embedding your widgets is super easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the dropdown menu by clicking on your user avatar at the right of the nav bar.

  2. Select Widgets

  3. Hover over the widget you want to embed

  4. Click once to Copy widget code

  5. Click again in the Embed in README button. You will be taken to the edit README page on GitHub.

  6. Now paste the link you copied anywhere in your profile.

  7. Commit your changes on GitHub. Your GitHub README is all set 💅

Pro tip You can adjust your widgets' size, width, and arrangement with HTML!

You're all set! Go to Quests and let the fun begin 🔮

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