Configuring GitHub Labels

By default, all Issues and Pull Requests related to a Quira Quest will be labelled on GitHub with a '⚔️ Quest' label.

However, it is also possible for an organisation to configure its own labels for use with Quests.

This can be done via the Admin dashboard using the Manage Quests menu on the overall listing of an org's Quests:

  • In the corresponding modal that appears, add default labels by specifying a relevant label name

  • During this process, if the specified label already exists on GitHub (on a relevant repository hosting a Quest), then the color and description of this label will be fetched from GitHub and the existing GitHub label will be used

  • If no such label is found, you will be asked to specify a description and hex-value color for the label as you wish it to appear on GitHub and Quest-bot will create the respective label to assign it.

Note: As well as managing default Labels via the Admin dashboard, it is also possible to define custom overrides on a per-Quest basis. Do this using the Manage Quest menu under the respective Quest.

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